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The War Mammoth is a new mob introduced with the Shark Riders update and attacks when its tusks touch any object. When all the steps necessary are taken, the Mammoth will be ride-able and will appear to be covered in Hide Armor.


Find a mammoth and place a Big Saddle on top of the beast. Afterwards, the player can control it while sitting on its head. It is very slow but good for fighting other players due to its damage and height.


  • Currently the War Mammoths are able to walk on water.
  • If you jump off a War Mammoth or if you want to ride one you need to either use its tusks to climb up on it or build something to get on top of it. It can also be achieved by dropping something to jump on.
  • Any mob/player that walks directly in front of a War Mammoth will be damaged for 30 health.
  • Mammoths can be used effectively to kill giants because the giant cannot reach the player on the mammoth therefore its easy to kill the giant and not get killed in the process.
  • If a player is chasing you on a mammoth, the best way to defend yourself is to make a box of walls around you, place a tower, and shoot the player from the top of the tower. This tactic is useful for getting meteorites as the player on the mammoth is usually not very geared as they have probably just found a mammoth with a saddle at random so they will most likely leave.
  • If using on raid, it's recommended to have some infantry support due to its limitations of mobility. Players can also hijack a Mammoth by boarding it using either towers or box that they see it fit. Riders usually have hard time defending them self, as they only have only two options. Fight back or abandon the Mammoth.
  • In the March 16th, 2018 update, there is a glitch when a player tries to put a Big Saddle on a Mammoth, but the Mammoth disappears.
  • Its slow mobility makes player an easy prey for ranged attack, mainly Bow and Crossbow users. It's recommended for riders to equip ranged weapons to support the attack.
  • Many pro players do not use Mammoths very often, this is most likely because mammoths are slow.
  • This can be a very effective way to try and kill the Dancing Shelly.