Run, you'll find resources. Trees are generally the first and most important thing to mine; it allows you to get your first tools and begin gathering more resources, which in turn allows you to get better weapons and tools.

You can protect yourself by making a base or joining a tribe and staying in their base. You can also get weapons to attack back.

If you're trying to save your inventory and yourself from attackers, you can try running from them, or, if they are more powerful (such as having good ranged weapons), leave the game if you're fine sacrificing your structures to keep your inventory. However, if you are in combat(when the attacker hit you) and you log, you will lose all of your items.

Leveling Up

You can get experience and level up by doing any of the following; Breaking Ores, Killing Mobs, Breaking Gods, Breaking the Ancient Tree, Breaking Trees, Breaking Bushes, Breaking Stone, Breaking Swoll Tree. Breaking Feather Bushes on the floating islands drops Essence, which is an easy way for beginners to get experience. Be careful of other players who are on the floating islands.

Activating Void Gates

Place a Domestic Banto(a) on the gate, and use a weapon to kill it. (I would recommend a bow of any kind). This activates the portal. Enter the portal to travel to the void (If you're in a tribe or are the leader of a tribe then you can have your tribe leader enter the portal to bring your whole tribe to the void).

Rebirthing while Keeping All Your Items

Place some chests (Reinforced Chests are recommended) and drop your items into the chests (put different items in each chest). Rebirth, then find the location of your chests. It's recommended to place your chests in either of the two caves or by your tribe's base. If you decide to place your items by your tribe's base, ask your tribe to protect it for you (that is, if you trust your tribe). I recommend to take tools and bag first. Armor and Bags do stack into chests, tools do not though.
RobloxScreenShot20190224 164445606

This is an example of a base.

How to Build Bases

Build and let your imagination go wild! do include a camp fire and a totem or you can put it at a land mark! have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Escape Hackers💻

The moment you see somebody teleport to you, just leave. It's the most viable way to not lose your inventory if you're willing to sacrifice your structures.However, if you are in combat(when the attacker hit you) and you log, you will lose all of your items.


When traversing across water, use a raft/boat if you can; you will move relatively slow on foot. You can craft rafts/boats by breaking the trees to get logs. And if you don't wanna waste your bag space with raft materials, go get a water walker.(with mojo)