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Trees are natural structures found all over the world Booga Booga. They appear as a wood trunk with leaves at the top. Most trees have 40 health and will drop Logs, Sticks, and Leaves when destroyed.

Types of Trees

There are many trees in Booga Booga. Different colored and different types of trees can be found across the archipelago.  

Normal Tree


2 variations of the desert tree.

The Normal Tree is the most common tree found in Booga Booga. It uses the usual green grass texture for its leaves and a brown wood texture for its trunks.

Snow Tree

Snow Trees are a kind of tree which only grow in Thebes cold,harsh lands of the snow biome.Their appearance is somewhat different from normal trees though,as there logs being as if someone took a normal tree,speckled some what’s on it,Andy mixed it in.While there leaves are exactly the same,other than the fact that instead of green,they have white.

Feather Tree

Feather Trees are trees found on Waterfall Island. Unlike other trees, it can be destroyed easier, as it has 20 health.
Feather tree

Sun Tree

The Sun Tree is a specific kind of tree that only grows on the Sun Island,this tree is the only tree in the game to drop Essence.The Sun Tree with drop 1 Essence orb when destroyed.It also has a lighter color,but it’s more like a lighter kind of brown.This tree is with the Sun Bushes on the Sun Island,And actually,there are three Sun Trees opthat are connected to the Ancient Tree.