The Stick is a common resource in the game, it can be useful for making almost every tools and some structures and as alternative fuel for fire. It can be found almost everywhere and it is also dropped by Pleb Chests and Resource Chests.


It can be found everywhere and is dropped by: Small Bush, Big Bush, Sun Bush, Sun Tree, Feather Bush, Feather Tree, Rafts, Squad Rafts, Wood Rubble, and Dock Rubble, the Dancing Shelly, the Feather Tree, and the Swoll Tree.


Sticks can craft the following items: Wood Axe, Wood Pickaxe, Leaf Bag, Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Grinder, Plant Box, Nest, Hide Bag, Dock, Bow, Iron Bow, Arrow, Crossbow, Bolt, Fishing Rod, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Mace, War Horn, Steel Axe, Steel Pick, Battle Axe, Adurite Axe, Adurite Pick, War Hammer, Magnetite Axe, Magnetite Pickaxe, Magnetite Crossbow, Emerald Pickaxe and Emerald Axe.

It can also be used as fuel for Campfires, providing 25 fuel to the Campfire.


  • Sticks drop from all wooden structures excluding the Wooden Raft and any type of tree.
  • The hardest way to get a stick was by killing a Dancing Shelly, which has approximately "One Billion HP."
  • In the update including Magnetite, Trees were tweaked so that Sticks would no longer be dropped by them, and now made it that Bushes and Big Bushes are the main source of Sticks.