The Spirit Key is an item dropped from killing the Crystal Guardian at the Sun Island. It is a bright, white sphere that emits particles. It can be picked up. Be careful, as it rolls around quickly!


  • Used to open the Crystal Bridge leading to the Sun Island by dropping it in the Spirit Lock.
  • As of the ant update, the god bag was uncraftable. However, it's now used for the god bag ever since the Mojo Update occurred.


In the player's inventory, the orb is almost entirely transparent surrounded by sparkle particles. The Spirit Key is notably bigger than Essence and it gives off pastel blue and white particles when dropped.


  • Before the Magnetite Update, you could obtain the Spirit Key from defeating the Giant. However, it was changed so that you can now only obtain it from the Crystal Guardian. Due to its spherical shape, the Spirit Key can easily roll away which can be a nuisance if it falls off the island after being dropped.
  • The Spirit Key used to use the log decal when in the player's backpack.
  • It used to be a requirement for the removed God Bag recipe which was craftable at level 1000.
  • For some reason the Spirit Key used to vanish from your inventory when picked up, which means it had to be manually dragged to the Spirit Lock to activate the Crystal Bridge.
    • This was fixed in the Mojo Update.