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The Sling is a ranged weapon that appeared in the Crystal Update. The sling uses stone as ammunition so its ammo cannot be crafted, only obtained (of course by rocks).

A critical strike with the sling can deal upwards of 50% of the mob/opponent's health.

It is also the weakest ranged weapon in game, but it is still useful to beginning players, and can still due a bit of damage to slightly high geared players.



In appearance, the Sling doesn't have much to actually look at or notice. It has a leafy string with a loop connecting to a rock, which either must be ammo or the launcher for the actual ammo.


  • When the Mojo update launched there was a glitch where if you used the Sling (quickly), you might get banned (this was because the server would think you were using autoclicker).
    • However, anyone could made a hoax about this using Cheat Engine by changing the text of the "Mojo is here" message, colors and other parts of the game.
  • The Sling is not often used in most servers, due to how players usually get the Bow quick, or simply don't like using it.
  • The Sling has a rock to launch ammo, but you don't need any rock in order to craft it (you only need leaves).
RobloxScreenShot20180526 205452125

This is possibly a ban from the Mojo update. If the player used the slingshot, he possibly gets banned (it is not known whether or not this is real.)

  • This can actually do decent damage to a high-tier armor if it was spammed or quickly used on someone.
    屏幕快照 2018-07-18 下午6.07.51

    Another example of a hoax made with Photoshop. It features User:Netherrakk and a hacker named "Grahicaf".