Void Shelly

"An Odd Shelly, Native to the Void."


''Shelby on the Ice Island''

Shellies are snail-like mobs whose shells contain resources, such as Iron or Coal. Raw Morsels drop from all types except the Spirit Shelly. Shellies are slightly slower than players yet faster than mammoths, while the Giant Shelly is modestly faster then a player on land. Shellies are very common around the map.

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Shellies can be found throughout the map in locations including: 


Almost all Shellies drop stone or ore depending on what type and at least one Raw Morsel. The exceptions are the Dancing Shelly which drops a Stick, Spirit Shellies that don't drop anything (but give Experience), Giant Shellies and Sheldon who drop multiple regular ore Shellies, and Shelby who drops 4-5 Giant Shellies.



  • Violence against shellies is generally scourned by many parts of the community.
  • All shellies retreat into their shell when successfully damaged, except for the Spirit Shelly and Dancing Shelly.
    • A shelly's retreat into its shell can glitch it out onto a wall or mountain. The chances of this happening increase with size.
  • All ride-able shellies are slower then the normal walking speed. The only exception to this are the two giant shelly variants.
  • There is a random non-arctic Stone Shelly that spawns on the Ice Island.