Shelby is the largest of all of the various species of the Shellies, the runner-up being the Giant Shelly. Shelby's behavior is identical to the other Shellies of Booga Booga, except on a much larger scale.
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Loot dropped by Shelby


Shelby was formerly seen on the island known as the 'Shell Island' to some players. She was removed along with the Dancing Shelly in the ??? Update, but as of the [NEW MAP] Update, Shelby and the Dancing shelly have made a return. She now appears next to her friend Sheldon.


Shelby looks like a humongous snail that wanders in the islands, having two black eyes and a large purple shell. She is much larger than a regular-sized Shelly. As of the new map update, Shelby now has a more light colored shell because it now resides in the ice islands.


These are the loot that Shelby drops:

  • 2 Magnetite
  • 2 Raw Gold
  • 7 Essence
  • 6 Raw Morsels
  • EXP: 131

This is the loot that the Giant Shellies that drop from the Shelby drop

  • 8 Raw Adurite
  • (WIP) 20 Raw Iron
  • (WIP) 20 Stone
  • (WIP) 58 or so Raw Morsels
  • EXP: 280

Total Exp: 411!!


Shelby Getting Pushed by White Ant that got Stuck Inside her
  • The creature, Shelby, was mourned in some parts of the community and it was unclear if Shelby would appear in Booga Booga again in later updates.
  • Shelby spawns with her friend Sheldon.

A player trapped inside Shelby.

  • Although rare, it is possible for players to get trapped inside Shelby. They will remain trapped until they destroy Shelby or leave the game.
  • It became a bit smaller to become rideable. it's efficient to ride this on combat since it's hard to climb, but players with a ranged weapon will kill you; but you can spin the Shelby so you can't get hit and the archers will get confused.

Shelby compared to a regular player. (old)

  • Shelby is a great way to get experience and resources and it is indeed possible to farm Shelby. However, in most servers Shelby would have already been mined by the players, so a VIP Server is recommended for this.
  • The old version of Shelby did not drop Magnetite or Gold Shellies.
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Shelby pushed to the grasslands, thanks to Antmen!

  • Because of her humongous size, it is relatively easy to get Antmen to chase you into Shelby, pushing her.
  • However, though to the fact that the White Ant Mound have been removed from the Iceland, it almost impossible to have Antmen pushed her again.
  • Sometimes players estimate the size of the Shelby to be bigger.