After playing Booga Booga for a few days I started to find some rare ores and was afraid to smelt them into bars until I came up with a strategy to keep ores safe while smelting.

Step 1:

Build a safe cage around yourself with your desired walls (Ice or stone walls are recommended.) and building multiple layers of walls will be extremely helpful as raiders will take a long time to break in.

Step 2:

After caging yourself in, place 2 huts facing each other leaving a crack for you to enter through.

One inside the 2 huts, place 2 campfires and a tribe totem to make it so people cannot build to access you while smelting (or 4 depending on how much space you have.) and place your ores near a campfire to smelt them. In the process of doing this,people are not able to take your ores while you're smelting them. (they can easily do this with the camera and press F)

If you use the two huts,no one can take your ores.

This works best for smelting adurite, steel, and iron.

Safe Base