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The Saddle is an item used to ride on most small mobs. Its bigger counterpart is the Big Saddle, which is also used to ride bigger mobs.


The Saddle can be used to ride on The Lurky Boi, medium-sized Shellies, Lil Banto, Banto, Bantae, and Goldy Boi.

When the saddle is used on a Bantae and Banto, the saddle is practically the "key" for the Void Gate.

Crafting Materials


When looked at, the Saddle looks basic. It basically looks like a leafy seat with two edges going down. However, and strangely, there is no part on the saddle that would represent iron, so it is questionable why iron is even needed to craft it.


  • If you place a Saddle on a Banto with a white snow texture, it will turn into a texture that it would have a brown texture, which is quite strange.
  • The Saddle looks a bit different when placed on animals (WIP on how it looks like on them and how it differs from the item).
  • You have to equip the saddle (select it in your hotbar) in order to actually "place" it on a animal.
  • The Saddle is held (when walking) like a piece of something you are swinging around in your hand.
  • The Big Saddle, the bigger counterpart, is used for bigger mobs, this saddle can only be used on technically small mobs.
  • The Saddle is now mainly used to open the Void Gate.