The Rock is the first Tool available to the player upon entering first entering the game. It is already available in the first slot in their inventory.

It can be used as a Weapon dealing 5 hit-points in damage to an unarmored entity, and also the lowest tier of tool available dealing only 1 damage to resources and everything except for structures that need a better tool for destroying it.


The rock looks like a piece of stone that was carved out/cut at some places, and the texture of the Rock is, of course, rocky.


  • You cannot drop the rock, neither can you lose it upon death, truly making it a starter weapon/tool.
  • It is the first item you will get upon starting the game and cannot be crafted or dropped.
  • The Rock might be confused with the item Stone, and some players call (item) stone rocks, due to the similarities.
  • The Rock takes up no inventory/bag space.
  • The Rock has another "form", which is ironically the fifth best weapon in the game, or the best weapon for people without exclusives, which is the God Rock, an item unlocked with Mojo that is surpassed by the Magnetite stick, Emerald Stick, The MeatMaker, and the MoneyMaker.
  • The Rock's other form is the best weapon in the Lost Sea map, The Magnetite Rock.
  • If your rock is somehow missing, contacting Soybeen or a in-game is the best option you have.
  • The rock can sometimes do 4 damage to a person with no armour. This is due to the ability to Auto Heal .
  • This is the third best item to hold while traveling the Underwater Caves because of its fast drop speed, surpassed by the Energy Shield and the Boulder.
  • It could be questionable how the Rock is able to chop trees down, or how you even started with it in the first place.
  • It can sometimes be used to make people not be able to combat log during a trade (with items).
  • It also is sometimes used as a type of meme/joke/undercover type thing as holding it and following a beginners actions would make others think you just started.
  • Usually holding this will make players under-estimate you and then when you get close you can equip your actual armor and weapon.