The Peeper Popsicle is an odd food item that is a chunk of ice shaped like a Peeper and usually spawns in groups of 2 or 3, it's mostly 2 but if you're lucky it’s 3.

The Peeper Popsicle also does not get affected when thrown over or near a campfire.


The Peeper Popsicle is found near the shoreline of the Big Ice Island. The popsicle most likely will be found on the ice island. It is also found on the land with the Sky Rope close to one of the trees.The peeper popsicle will not be found in other biomes.


The Peeper popsicle is the frozen, most likely dead, variant of the Peeper. It has a different texture that is similar to one seen on metal materials. (EX: Adurite, Steel, Magnetite, etc.) It is also an almost complete light blue in color, except the eyes, which are a light grey. It has the same model and proportions of the normal peeper, but non-moving and mostly spawns on its side.


  • The peeper can be eaten.
  • Currently, Peeper Popsicles do not have icons in the inventory, so it shows a "?" instead.
  • Can be sold for half a coin when you put this in the input box in the Market.
  • When found, you must harvest it before eating.