When you create a Nest in the beginning, there is no peeper itself, an egg appears, which you must wait until the peeper hatches out of it. In the nest, the peeper carries eggs, and therefore it is possible for a very long time.

Crafting Materials

What it drops

If you break the nest then it falls out: 1 stick, 2 leaves, and 1 egg (if the peeper laid an egg before the nest was destroyed).


The nest is an essential structure, and can be used in many ways.

  1. A good strategy to use, is to place as many in a circle around a small gap, then place a campfire in the gap. This will result in automated cooked eggs, a good food source with great healing capabilities.
  2. Place a nest, and then try to overlap another on the original, then repeat. If done correctly, you should have a lot of nests, kind of glitching their textures. This will result in lots of eggs, not to mention, lots of lag. Place a chest over the egg spawnpoint, and place fires around the chest. The eggs will be stored, and you will have lots of cooked eggs for raiding or defense. This is helpful if your base is on one of the floating islands, seeing as they don't have food sources.