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This page will be about Mobs and information about them.

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Mobs Information
Giant Shelly
Shellies Shellies are snails with rocks on their back and you can mine them for whatever material type is on their back.
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Souls Souls is one of the many farmed mobs to get exp. They are found in underground caves.
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Bantae Bantae are the deer-like creature found in Booga Booga .
Barbarian Barbarian are people basically. (Technically you can count players as a mob)
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Mammoth Mammoths are big creatures that can killed for its hide and meat or tamed for combat.
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Boi (Sharks) Even though they're called boi's they're actually sharks.
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Crystal Guardian Located on the 2nd Floating Island and is killed for it's Spirit Key.
Secret Animals There are like the Abducted Shelly.