The Market was added as part of the Gold Update. This was probably because you could buy stuff with coins. As of now, it is removed due to a mass duping session (see Trivia down below for more.)


The Market was used to buy/sell items from other players, as well as selling items at their vendor set price. You buy the items from the players for Gold Coins. You can also put unwanted items in the Input area on the left of the market. A bar on the right side will appear. When it fills up, you get a coin. Certain items such as Spirit Key, raw gold, gold bar, and above cannot be put into Input area with exception of trading.

Crafting Materials


  • If the player has a full bag, the player could put things in the Market for sale at a expensive price, and then they could pick stuff up, cancel the trade, and still have everything. They however would have a full bag (over the bag limit in fact).
  • There is a glitch that the things you buy in "Trade" wont come down in a chest, causing you to lose the stuff and make no profit at all.
  • Another known glitch prior to the patch made on May 28, 2018 was that if you spammed the buy button in trade multiple chest would come down, allowing you to duplicate items. This made in a VERY short amount of time a mass duping session, however was quickly stopped by Soybeen; the Market was removed from Booga Booga and the dupers were banned.
    • The dupers were unbanned in the Market Patch.
  • The Market has some extra stone underneath it.
  • For a short period of time, Adurite Bars where very valuable for dropping into the market, as they gave more coins then magnetite and crystal at that time, and could easily be obtained for profit.