The Log is one of the most common items in Booga Booga. It allows you to start crafting many basic items in the game.


This material is found by cutting these items:

You can also obtain wood by destroying other buildings and destroying the rubble. This usually only works with buildings made out of wood.

Logs are also obtained from Item Chests like the Pleb Chest, Resource Chest, etc.


Wood is used for most buildings and tools in the game including:

Huge Tip

It is a good idea (especially if you need logs desperately) to break Rafts lying about (especially if you are a beginner) because they drop 2 Logs and have less HP unlike the Small Tree, which has too much HP and also gives 2 Logs. If you are on Crystal Island and you have no Logs then it is suggested to open some Pleb/Resource Chests to at least have SOME logs. If you cannot get any Item Chests, then make sure you got logs before you went to Crystal Island.