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Iron is abundant resource found across the map. It is very useful as it is needed for crafting most ranged weaponry. Iron is found in the form of Iron Ore and needs to be smelted first to create Iron Bars. It can also be dropped by Iron Shellies, or found inside Ice Nodes.


Iron ore nodes can be found scattered around the map in caves as well as in Ice Nodes. Iron ore can also be dropped by Iron Shellies which can be killed by a Stone Pickaxe or better. Another place where you can obtain Iron is from Iron Rocks. Iron Rocks are most common around the map. Shelly Friend also drops Iron Ore.


Iron bars are used to create things like Iron Armor, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Axe, Mace, Bolts, Radio, and Saddle. The ore is used for the creation of Steel Mix. Iron is the seventh strongest material right behind Steel.


  • For some reason the iron rock is slightly transparent.