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Ice Chunks are found scattered around the Ice Island. When they're destroyed, they will drop Ice Cube's, which are the main source of Adurite Armor, the Ice Raft, and the Ice Gate \ Ice Wall. Certain Ice Chunks contain Gold, Iron, and Coal nodes, which you can also mine.. Unlike Icebergs, Ice Chunks are the smaller version of an Iceberg, and they drop less Ice Cubes.


The Ice Chunk is used to make:


The Ice Chunk has a smooth exterior and, in the picture, you can see is glimmering and shining in the sun, although it does not melt. It may be confused with Crystal Lodes by new players.


  • There is a slightly bigger version of the Ice Chunk, and it's giant form, the Iceberg.
  • The Ice Chunk only spawns on the Ice Island(s).
  • Ice Chunks never melt, even though they are clearly and practically bathing in the sun.
  • It gets a slight red tinge when a Sunset (or Red Sky) happens.