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The Golden Radio was added on 3/3/18. It has a larger music range than the Radio (can be heard farther away). Both the Golden Radio and Radio have a list of selected songs to shuffle from.There is also a bag version of this known as the Radio Pack, which is also useful in some ways.


This radio plays one of the following songs after being activated:

  • Python by Healy
  • Build by Healy
  • Winse by Healy
  • Psycho by Healy (removed)
  • Reckless by Healy

Crafting Materials


When looked at, the Golden Radio in all ways looks similar to the Radio. The old knobs look more golden like, the button looks more golden like, and it looks like a stony button. The antennae looks more crystal and transparent, and the box like shape it is connected to is also like this. The base of the radio that was wood on the normal Radio now is golden.


  • For some reason when it is destroyed, it becomes Wood Rubble, effectively transforming the Gold and Crystals it was made of into Logs and Sticks. This is considered quite dumb by some players.
  • The Golden Radio is basically a re-colored and re-textured version of the Radio.
  • This could be considered a waste, since the Radio has extremely similar songs. This just has farther range, and so this is quite a waste of crystal chunks for just the extra range.