The Gold Banto was the golden counterpart of the Banto and could be mined with a Pickaxe and projectiles. He has 200 health.


It was only found on the Sun Island. Now, there is 2 of them and they spawn on the Sun Island, but is very glitchy. You can find the 2nd Golden Banto in the mountains near the desert.

RobloxScreenShot20190116 140134716

Golden Banto glitched with their little buddies.

RobloxScreenShot20190116 140423759 (2)

Golden Banto, the twin fell off the island


When killed the Golden Banto dropped 6 Raw Gold and 6 Coins. Also always unhitched. This is a great method to easily get gold coins, with each Banto dropping a total of 30 coins worth of gold and 6 extra. Since there is 2 of them it's now double the loot!


  • The Golden Banto was introduced in the Crystalline Update.
    • The Golden Banto was removed for a time period in the Void Update, however, it was brought back in the 1/10/19 update.
    • The drop hasn't changed.
  • It cannot be tamed, similar to the Rento/Rentae.
  • It used to spawn on the Waterfall Island.
  • This is the first thing in Booga Booga to directly drop coins, the second being the Spirit Lock, and the third being the Treasure Chest.
    • The feature Spirit Lock being able to be destroyed is removed.