Feather Stone is similar to Stone (Nodes, Rocks, etc.) except it can be mined quicker, due to its lower health. Feather Stone can be found on desert islands as well as on the Floating Island.

On the 1st Floating Island (Waterfall Island), there are several of these stones available to be mined. Each drops 2-5 Stone.


When looked at, these stones seem to have the same "jutting rock" style as the "Crystal Lode". However, the Feather Stone seems to be a little smaller then the Crystal Lode, and the Feather Stone also seems to have a given texture, "Stone", and it also is white in color.


  • In the Emerald Update, Crystal Lodes were replaced by Feather Stones
  • In the Silent Update, these gave 2 EXP, before the Silent Update these stones gave none.