FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a page dedicated to help new players. This page will debunk false information about the game and answer the questions which are most frequently asked by players.

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Game FAQ:

Q: What is the best way to level up?

A: At the beginning you will level up to the first 15 levels pretty much by just playing the game and gathering materials. If you want to go higher, kill sharks (lurky bois).

One of the fastest is to mine Old Gods and Hateful Gods in either Ancient Underground Caverns (Ice Version or Lava Version). The Souls give good EXP and the Essence the Old God drops will by itself level the player around 4 times.

Q: What will I lose when I die?

A: Please read more about the results of Death here.

Q: How can I make Steel?

A: Please read the page on Steel here. Steel has a raw ore like any other ore in the game but it needs to be created by crafting Steel Mix (1 Coal, 2 Iron). Find this item in the 'All' category near the Steel Armor/ Steel Tools section.

Q. Where do I report an exploiter?

A: Go to the Booga Booga official discord server and report the username to the admin "Mina" with proof.

Q. I bought gold coins for ROBUX and didn’t get them?? I bought a hat for gold coins and didn’t get it, what do I do?

A: Contact Soybeen.

Q. How do I get Helper/Admin in the Official Booga Booga discord?

A: High server activity and friendliness, then eventually they may hire you.

Q. What’s the best way to get steel?

A: Go to the ice biome and mine the glaciers that contain Coal and Iron deposits.

Q. What’s the best way to get Adurite?

A: The cave behind the volcano, or deposits found at mainland.

Q. How do I rebirth?

A: Click on the Mojo button and click on "Rebirth"