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Essence is identified as a glowing, yellow spherical ball of energy that can be harvested, rewarding the harvester experience points (abbreviated as EXP). Each essence gives 10 Experience Points.

The essence orbs themselves have no friction and seem to roll around quite freely, similar to the Spirit Key. They share the properties with items such as tools or mob drops, and can in fact be placed in chests.


The only way to obtain essences is by destroying or killing the following forms of life, objects, or entities:

When it is picked up by the players, it will not take up any inventory spaces and cannot be carried as an item; however, if the bag is deemed as 'full', the Essence cannot be picked up unless the player finds a way to reduce the number of items in their inventory.

Essence Chest (Removed)

Before the Mojo Update, it was possible acquire Essence from essence chests. You could purchase essence chests in the chests menu. Now it can obtained through the purchase of Emerald & Magnetite Chests.


  • Before the Void Update, Essence only gave you 5 EXP, but was changed after Soybeen read a comment begging to buff the Ancient Tree.
  • Essence was common in the Emerald Tools Update, due to hackers (or simply players with a lot of robux) spamming and dropping Emerald, Magnetite, and Essence Chests. This has stopped now due to all coins being wiped in the recent Mojo Update.
  • Essence highly resembles the Spirit Key in shape and texture.
  • The Ancient Tree gives a lot of essence, but it may not be worth your time to cut it down if your tool of choice will take a long time to chop it. Now the Ancient Tree will give you about 6-20 levels if you are below level 90.