The old look of the Emerald Cave behind the Miserable God.


The new version of the Emerald Rock.

Emerald is the second best ore in the game. It is found in Treasure Chests, Sheldon, and the removed Emerald Rocks.

It was added in the Emeralds Update.

An Emerald Chest can be bought normally for 2,800 coins, and it yields 12 emeralds and several Essence. It is on sale right now for the new update, May 13th, 2018, for 1,400 coins. It is the most expensive chest in-game. This is the third ore to not be able to be smelt, along with coal and crystal.


Emerald can be obtained from Treasure Chests (Which spawn in the shipwreck event and drop 4-6 emeralds).

You can also obtain Emeralds from the Sheldon. (If you are wondering, he is at the Ice Island, next to Shelby.)


Emeralds can be used to craft Emerald Armor and the powerful Emerald Blade and more tools.


  • The Emerald was released in The Emerald Update.
  • It is arguable whether or not emerald is actually the hardest to obtain ore in the game.
  • It is the biggest ore in the game being approximately 75% bigger than raw magnetite and 125% - 150% bigger than normal raw ores such as iron, steel, crystal, and coal. Its size is about the same as a fire hide / normal hide
  • When Emeralds were released, a glitch appeared with this and the Iron Ore where the health of the ore would be set to 100 and look seriously depleted. However, this was fixed in the 5/17 update and now has 3,000 health.
  • Just like Crystal, Emeralds do not need to be smelted in order to craft certain items like armor.
  • You can also mine Emerald with bows (Crossbow, Iron Bow, etc.).
  • There used to be 3 Emerald Rocks in the cave of the Miserable God and each used to give 3 Emeralds each for a total of 9 Emeralds.
    • This allowed server hoppers to easily obtain Emeralds.
    • As of May 17th, 2018, two of the Emerald Rocks have been moved to different locations on the map and each only gives 1 Emerald.
    • The 3 of them were completely removed in the Map Legacy Update.
  • A Magnetite Pickaxe or higher is required to mine Emerald Rock, making it the highest pickaxe requirement in the game, beating the Crystal Guardian.
  • Emerald is the heaviest ore in the game, telling you why you should carry too many emeralds.
  • As of the Legacy Map update on June 9th, 2018, there is currently no emerald ore to mine. Emerald can now only be obtained from treasure in shipwrecks and from Sheldon.


RobloxScreenShot20180519 225347185

An emerald rock found near the Spirit Island


Another emerald rock, found in a ravine near Waterfall Island.