The Dock is a structure that is used by many players to be placed above water to serve as a bridge. It has many angled wooden boards that are connected by four hinges. The Dock was used to be placed in the hole in the middle of Waterfall Island to prevent falling. You can also place them next to each other to make a bridge.

Crafting Materials


  • This was an old strategy used to get to Waterfall Island and used to block falling as there was a hole in the middle of the island.
  • There was a glitch where you could trap players if they were in water, functioning like the Chest Trap strategy.
  • This was also used to cross gaps, however many players use Rafts and Sailboats to traverse through huge bodies of water.
  • The dock is also used to trap players in it (Like the old chest trap trick). When players get stuck in a "trap" dock, they must break it, or get lucky enough to be flung.