The Dancing Shelly is a special type of shelly that is found on the Ice Island, it has an absurdly high amount of health, capping at 999,999,999 health. You should not try to kill it , because the mob has no given purpose as it only drops a Berry.


It is found on the Ice Island, with no specific location given yet. It looks like a normal Stone Shelly that spins in place as if it is dancing, however, when you start to mine it you will see the Dancing Shelly name and its huge amount of health.


  • 1 Berry


  • It is the only mob to have health surpassing 100,000
  • Only four users have been known to kill this mob in the past; Airtroys, OP_aw3s0m3r3c068790, ek6359, and AbleDiamondGamer. Keep in mind that these are players that did it legitimately. Hackers could instant-kill script this, but it isn't a legit kill of this mob. The Dancing Shelly is much harder to defeat now than back then, due to new tools being added and nerfed.
  • As of the Storm Update, this Shelly now spins in place, staying to its name "Dancing Shelly".
  • This shelly can be damaged by a mammoth. You can leave the mammoth there and it will still work.
  • The Dancing Shelly is probably a joke mob left in the game by the developer, Soybeen.
  • The Dancing Shelly was removed in the ??? Update. However, it has been re-added in the Map Legacy Update.
  • Similar to the Spirit Shelly, this will not retreat into its shell when hurt.
  • It is a waste of time to try to mine if you do not plan on actually finishing mining it.
  • Despite spawning in the snow biome, it has no arctic texture or color (snow texture ad white color.)
  • It can be mined with any Pickaxe in the game. This is probably because the Dancing Shelly was intended to be a joke mob.
  • MarcoTheTalonflame discovered a glitch to kill the Dancing Shelly in minutes.