A Crystal Lode on Waterfall Island.


A Crystal Lode on the old Waterfall Island, with an Old God being evident in the picture.

Crystal Chunks are currently the fourth best material in Booga Booga. Crystal Chunks are dropped from Crystal Lodes which each have 2000 Health and drop 3 Crystal Chunks. They can only be mined by a Steel Pickaxe and above.


Crystals are used to craft Crystal Armor, Crystal Pickaxe, Crystal Axe, Crystal Bag, Crystal Stick, Golden Radio, God Armor, OOF Horn, God Bag, God Rock, and God Hut.


Crystal Lodes can be found on the island with the Lonely God. To access it you need to go to the 2nd Floating Island, mine the Crystal Guardian (if you don't already have a Spirit Key) and drop the Spirit Key on the Spirit Lock. Then cross the Crystal Bridge. Finally, preferably place a Dock to the Crystal Lodes and start mining them.

You can also obtain Crystal from simply mining the Crystal Meteor (9 Crystals altogether). Find more information about Crystal Meteors here.

Alternative ways

  • Mining the Miserable God (1st Floating Island and 3 Crystals dropped).
  • Buying and opening a Crystal Chest.
  • Killing a player with Crystal tier or God tier items.
  • Killing Crystal guardian
  • Mining a crystal meteor
  • Shelly Friend dropping a Crystal Chunk


  • Crystal was rather difficult to obtain, as the only way to defeat the Crystal Guardian and activate the Crystal Bridge was to have crystal or better. Unless you used a ranged weapon (such as the Bow, Crossbow, etc.). However now with Crystal Nodes spawning on the waterfall floating island once more and with the Crystal Meteor it is much more easy to obtain (outdated).
  • The Crystal Node was moved from the first Floating Island to the third Floating Island in the Antmen Update But as of the Emerald Update it spawns on both.
    • But as of the Map Legacy Update, they were removed from Waterfall Island once again.
  • Now Crystal is FAR more important for Mojo items; they are used in the crafting recipes of every Mojo item (except Infinity Chest).
  • Between the Antmen Update and the Emerald Update, Crystal was extremely difficult to obtain. To get to Crystal Island, players had to destroy the Wealthy God and the Shiny Ant Mound it blocked and enter the purple portal in the Queen Ant’s lair just to get to Sun Island. After that they would have to mine the Crystal Guardian if they didn’t have a Spirit Key and activate the Crystal Bridge so they could mine the Crystal Lodes there. All of that hard work would reward players with just 6 Crystals.