The Club is a weapon that is usually considered to be the first weapon (not counting the Rock) that is obtained in the game of Booga Booga and is noted to be one of the 'cheapest' to craft due to how it does not depend on a considerably large number of specific materials and focuses on the simpler materials like the log.

It is considered to be one of the weakest weapons in the game of Booga Booga, the weakest weapon being the rock, a weapon that is automatically given to the players when they first join the game of Booga Booga.

In terms of damage values, the Club can inflict at least 15 damage points on a unarmored entity, or against the player's chosen targets, whether it is to be a player, creature, or entity that roams the lands of Booga Booga.This make it a decent upgrade from the rock, and is good as a beginner weapon.


The recipe for the Club is unlocked at level 1 and is easy to make.

It requires 1 log to craft which makes 1 club.

The items required to craft the club are easy to find, needing only 1 tree or a big bush.


  • The Club is one of the first weapons you can craft.
  • It is a useful tool for people who are good at combat in the early levels of the game, able to take out unarmored combatants and lightly armored combatants with a few swings.
  • The Crystal Stick is a reskin of the club, being clear and blue and doing over 3x as much damage.
  • The Magnetite Stick is also a reskin of the club it is a bright purple and is much larger than any of the other weapons in the game, doing 6.6 more damage than the club. The Giant seems to possess a Magnetite Stick along with the art contest winners.
  • The Emerald Stick is also a reskin of the club. It's a green and is even larger than Magnetite Stick!