The Chest is a basic structure used for holding items. They are usually used for organization in bases or used to climb up the waterfall to the Floating Island.

Chests can hold an infinite amount of items. To store an item in one, all you need to do is drop it inside. As soon as you break the chest, the goods inside will pop out, so don't overload it. When the chest is broken it will drop 1 logand 1 stick.

The chest can glitch to the point that some items remain stuck inside the chest, and are unable to be picked up, however, breaking it will allow you to obtain it again.

Crafting Materials


Chest are used to organize and store items. It can also be used to climb up the waterfall to the floating island and to do other stuff.


  • You can still cook stuff that's inside the Chest if placed next to a Campfire Or even over a Campfire.
  • Don't put your important resources in, as enemy tribes could raid you and you may not have enough time to recover your items.
  • Not to be confused with Item chests.
  • Was commonly used to trap other players, this was fixed. Players can no longer trap players on chests, instead receiving a notification at the top of their screen stating “Don’t build on [PLAYER]'s head!”
  • An Iron Version exists, the Reinforced Chest.