The Campfire is an extremely useful structure that is used very often to do a multitude of things. Placing items like raw Ores or raw Meats near the fire will start to cook/smelt them into either Bars if smelting Ore or Cooked variants if Food. The campfire heals you for 1 HP/sec when not in battle.

Crafting Materials

2 Logs


To use it place uncooked items near the campfire and a bar will appear above the item that slowly fills until transformation.

When placed the Campfire will start with 100 fuel* and steadily decrease at around 0.5F/s (One fuel per two seconds) until the fire runs out and is extinguished. However you can reignite the fire using 4 different fuel sources:

  • Stick, will replenish 25 fuel to the fire.
  • Leaves, will replenish 25 fuel to the fire.
  • Log, will replenish 50 fuel to the fire.
  • Coal, will replenish 100 fuel to the fire.
*Fuel on this wiki will function as the equation 0.5F/s until disproved or otherwise.


  • Place many campfires next to each other for faster cooking.
  • Put a chest next to the fireplace(s) Or on over the fireplace and put the items in there of which you need to cook/smelt. This will allow steady and convenient cooking/smelting.
  • It's recommended that if you were to reignite the fire, use 2 logs per fire. Using coal would be a waste, since coal has other uses like being used to create Steel Mix. Sticks would need 4 to be used to provide 100 fuel.
  • The maximum fuel capacity for each campfire is 250.
  • Place two huts facing each other, next to each other so people cannot take the item you are cooking. Great for smelting ores like Magnetite.