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Pear Cacti

The Cactus is a plant that can be chopped down like Trees and can be eaten raw or cooked. Sometimes, Prickly Pears will appear on the Cactus which are safe to eat.


It will only spawn in desert areas like the Desert Island and will spawn sometimes on spawn islands as well.


When destroyed it will drop 2 Raw Cacti.

The Cactus Bits, sometimes known as the Raw Cacti to some players, is one of the various foods that can be obtained in the game of Booga Booga. In order for the players to obtain a bit of cactus, the players should find a cactus plant that is normally found on desert-like islands.

The players would then to chop down the cactus, usually by using axes or a rock that is given to players upon joining for the first time. Upon destroying and harvesting the fallen cactus plant, the plant will drop at least 2 Cactus Bits that can be collected by the players.

They are safe for consumption, meaning that they will not hurt or kill the player. They are classified as vegetation as it once originates from a plant found in the various islands of Booga Booga.

The Cactus Bits is also noted to be used in cooking near a campfire in order to be turned into a Fried Cactus, a fried version of the Cactus Bits that may or may not benefit the players better than an uncooked cactus bit.

The Fried Cactus is one of the various foods that can be found in the game of Booga Booga. In order for the players to obtain Fried Cactus, the players should have Cactus Bits that are collected from the cactus plant. It is noted that it only restores a small portion of the player's health.

From there, the players can cook the Cactus Bits near a viable fire source, like a campfire, where it will be then fried. While it is cooked, it shares similar durations of time of most of the meats and seafood that are cooked near a viable fire source.

Islanders cannot naturally find Fried Cactus out in the wilds and islanders would need to depend on Cactus found on the Desert Island in order to obtain the raw ingredients.


  • The Fried Cactus possibly originates from a real-life delicacy known as Cactus Fries, a food that comes from the Southwestern United States, notably known for its desert-like landscapes, as well as for its hot temperatures.
  • They are typically prepared from cactus segments that have prickly pears which have had all of its needles removed.