Bush is a common and smaller version of the Big Bush, which drops 2 Sticks and 1 Leaf. It can be found anywhere in areas with grass or sand, but it cannot be found the Snow or Volcano biomes. Sometimes it can be found in the mountains. There are many different types of Bushes such as "Small Bush". Different kinds of Bushes can dropLogs, Sticks, Leaves, and/or Essence. Some different types of bushes have fruits growing on its leaves.

You can mine this with practically anything, it can even be mined with a Rock. Only axes and melee weapons work.


Note: Different types of bushes are in different type of biomes, like these:

Small Bush


Small Bush

This is the most common type of bush in Booga Booga.


You can find this bush on almost every island in the game.


The small bush drops 1 Stick and 1 Leaves


  • The bush has a small wooden base on the bottom, with bright green leaves on the top.


  • Breaking the bush can be an easy way to farm sticks and leaves,
  • It does not have any effect when you break it, no enemies spawn, and you don't take any damage.
  • It does not have much HP, so it is easy to farm leaves and sticks from.
  • This is a great farming object, if you need Leaves or Sticks, this is the way.
  • The Sun Bush and Feather Bush drop less resources than this for some reason.

A desert bush.