A Domestic Banto being ridden in the water.

The Banto is one of the animals commonly found in the game, they bear similarities to deer and moose due to their antlers and are typically found in company of a Bantae. (Presumably female counterpart.). As of the shark rider update the Banto can be equipped with a saddle to make it a Domesticated Banto. The Domesticated Banto is faster than a human.


They are found in all areas of the map, however they may change in color depending on their location.

For example, the original Banto is a light brown reflecting it's surrounding, while the Arctic Banto wears a snow-coat reflecting the Ice Island.


When killed the Banto will drop 2 Raw Meat and 1 Hide.

This amount changes depending on the variety.


A domesticated Banto is a surprisingly fast land mount, which spawns from attaching a saddle on any Banto, with the only exceptions being the Golden Banto, Rento, and Rentae. However, if you attach a saddle to any variant other than the regular Banto, like the snow Banto, it will transform back to the regular Banto. The Domestic Banto is likely twice as fast as a normal player, as of the ??? update. The head of the Banto is incredibly glitchy, and can be used to scale wooden walls.

A saddled banto can be ridden within water to be a silly (and expensive) replacement for a raft, but this can put the player at risk for getting killed by a Lurky Boi.

Domesticated Bantos can also be killed on the Void Gate to activate the Void Portal. Same applies for domesticated Bantaes.


  • A Golden Banto can be found on top of the Floating Island which drops Gold and Coins, which contributes to its rarity and value.