The Ancient Tree is the largest tree and appears in the 2nd Floating Island. It has 30,000 health points, making it very hard to be chopped down. It can be broken by any tool other than pickaxes and weapons. The tree respawns every 2 hours.

Underneath the tree is a hole through the island where Essence fall into the Ocean . This can be avoided by placing docks. However, it becomes harder to chop the tree when a dock is placed, with a higher tendency for a player to hit the dock. This is solved by placing chests beside the tree and chopping the tree on top of them. When destroyed, the tree will drop a not-so extreme amount of Essence. On average, it will drop 250 Essence, about 10 levels. However it has been nerfed in Small Update.

It probably drops 100 Essence Orbs now.


It is recommended to destroy the Ancient Tree using the best tools such as the Magnetite or Emerald Axe or God Rock. A large tribe can be used to collectively chop it down.

NOTE: Just use a good axe, or you will regret it.


The 3 branches, which are Sun Trees, can be broken before destroying the trunk. At end of these branches are yellow Grass textured leaves.


  • This tree is the largest in the game.
  • The base of the tree is the same as a Swoll Tree.
  • The 3 branches is in fact a Sun Tree and can be cut down individually.
  • The tree first appeared in "Shark Riders" Update, but was difficult to access until the Meteors Update.
  • The tree is one of the best ways to farm Essence in the game, since it can do ~10 Level up if you collected all the essences.
  • The location, 2nd Floating Island, is a popular farming destination by being very AFK-able.
  • Even though the Ancient Tree is classified as a tree, it does not drop any Leaves, Sticks, or Logs when it is destroyed, unless you break the individual branches.
  • It may be not worth it to mine this tree anymore since it has been seriously nerfed, only giving a few levels. Just farming other things such as the Old God and Shelby can also get you more levels and in a shorter time. Sometimes it can give as few as 2 levels!
  • Most players who have destroyed the Ancient Tree once or twice think it is a complete waste of time to chop down 30k health just to get two levels.
  • It looks similar to the Mercy Tree in the way it has branches.
  • The Ancient Tree drops the most essence in the game.